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Are you drinking enough?

Updated: May 9, 2020

Sadly I’m not talking about Prosecco… Are you finding it hard to drink plenty of water now the weather is starting to get colder? Many of us find it’s much easier to keep hydrated in the warmer months, I know I struggle. When the temperature starts to drop it’s easy to forget to drink, but hydration at this time of year is just as important for our bodies.

Why is water important?

Water is essential for life, around 60% of our body is made up of water and it has many important roles:

· Regulates the body’s temperature

· Helps the brain to function

· Aids digestion

· Supports nutrient absorption

· Essential for the body to sweat and release toxins

· Helps to remove waste products and prevent constipation

· Supports weight loss

· Can prevent tiredness

· Lubricants muscles & joints

· Helps to slow the ageing process

How do I know if I’m drinking enough water?

We regulate hydration through feelings of thirst. The best way to check if you’re hydrated is to look at the colour of your urine. If you’re hydrated and drinking enough your urine should be a pale, straw like colour, dark coloured urine indicates dehydration.

How to keep hydrated

· Place a 500ml bottle of water by your bed at night – drink it as soon as you wake

· Refill your bottle before you leave the house and set a reminder to drink it mid-morning (that’s 1 litre drunk before lunch!)

· Ensure you have another 500ml mid-afternoon to ward off a mid-afternoon slump

· Aim for another 500ml before dinner

· Place another 500ml by your bedside for the next day

How can I make water more exciting?

· Try adding slices of lemon, lime or cucumber to give it a refreshing twist

· Warm water with lemon before a meal aids the digestive process

· Try a glass of sparkling water, for something different (having it in a wine or champagne glass can make it feel a little more special)

· Herbal teas also count towards your hydration goal

Drinking consistently throughout the day will help you stay well hydrated. Keep an eye on the colour of your urine and remember if it’s dark you need to drink more.

Julia Young Nutrition T: 0771 589 0894

Keeping hydrated

Disclaimer: Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practitioners always refer any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms to their medical professional. The information provided here is general and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any diseases or conditions.

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