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Healthy Banana Loaf


Do a quick internet search and you'll have a choice of recipes for banana loaf, but lots of them are high in sugar which won't help with balancing your hormones. This recipe for my Healthy Banana Loaf is super easy to make. It's great as a dessert, snack or breakfast option. The bananas and dried fruit provide sweetness, avoiding the need to add sugar. The olive oil provides a good source of anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fats. The wholemeal or rye flour, nuts, seeds and bananas are all good sources of fibre and the nuts and seeds provide protein to help balance blood sugar and promote satiety.

Serves 8


120ml light olive oil

2 large eggs

120ml cold water

210g wholemeal, rye flour or gluten free flour (for a gluten free version)

4tsp baking powder

1 tbsp pumpkin or sunflower seeds

2 large ripe bananas (mashed)

120g sultans or other dried fruit plus 120g chopped nuts (optional)


Preheat oven to 180C and line a 900g loaf tin with baking paper. Mix the oil with the eggs until smooth then add the cold water. In a separate bowl mix the flour and baking powder. Intermittently add the flour and mashed bananas to the egg mixture and beat until smooth. Fold in the seeds, sultanas and nuts (if using) and put in the loaf tin. Bake for 75 mins. Cool for 5 mins before serving. This recipe also freezes well.

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