“Before I worked with Julia, I was struggling with low energy and low mood. From my first consultation I started to notice improvements. She was able to identify vitamin deficiencies and bad habits that were negatively affecting me. Julia has supported me along my journey and I have a noticed that I now have the right energy level enabling me to focus better on my work, exercise, and be more active in my family.

I would strongly recommend working with Julia. Also, she quickly made me feel at ease speaking with her and maintains confidentiality. Julia’s demeanour is very supportive and she encourages small steps to change your lifestyle, enabling you to reach your end goal (which do not overwhelm).

You can tell that Julia loves being a Nutritionist and is passionate about others having a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

—  Kelly, Weybridge



"Before I worked with Julia I was struggling with uncomfortable pains in my stomach that I'd had for years and could never find a solution for. I was feeling low in mood and tired a lot of the time.

I found Julia to be a warm and empathetic practitioner who knew right from the start what was going on in my body causing me to feel the way I was. Her recommendations regarding changes to my diet were really clear and easy to follow. I always understood the rationale behind the changes I needed to make.

The results I received after working with Julia are that my stomach pain has completely disappeared and is feeling comfortable and normal again. My mood and energy has improved dramatically too.

I wouldn't hesitate working with Julia again because she is very knowledgeable and professional as well as being very understanding. Thank you Julia!”

—  Sally, Shepperton

"I came to Julia as I was struggling with fertility. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly three years and were just about to start our second round of IVF. I wanted to give this round the best chance of success and chose to see Julia as she had been through IVF herself. From the offset, Julia was professional and provided invaluable advice not only regarding my diet but also my lifestyle and ways to help reduce stress and take care of myself. Unfortunately, our IVF cycle got cancelled partway through due to Covid but amazingly we managed to conceive NATURALLY the next month! I'm certain that this is as a result of the changes I made to my diet and lifestyle following Julia's recommendations. Since finding out, I have continued to stay in touch with Julia and she has helped to advise me on what supplements to take throughout my pregnancy."
— Kim, Surrey

"When we approached Julia we had been trying to conceive for a year. We were about to embark on IVF and I felt that we both needed to get our bodies in the best shape possible to maximise our chance of success. We are generally healthy eaters so this was a matter of fine tuning our nutrition. Julia worked with us over several sessions to review our diet and provided useful guidance on food, supplements and lifestyle choices. I am delighted to say the IVF wasn't needed because within 3 months I was pregnant! I am 20 weeks along. I am sure the nutritional fine tuning had an important role to play in our success and importantly it also helped to feel that we were doing something different to help the process."
— Kirsty & Jon, Surrey

“I went to see Julia as I felt I needed some help with my diet. She was hugely sympathetic and took the time to find out my history and exactly how I was feeling.  She very clearly explained the potential issues I was experiencing and changes I could make to my diet which were easy to implement as well as supplements I could try.  Within a matter of weeks, I felt so much better and the issues I was experiencing have either gone or reduced massively.  Highly recommend” 

—  Debs, Weybridge

“What was hugely beneficial to me was the ease I felt in talking with Julia.  I felt I could be open and honest about my physical and mental health challenges, which ultimately made the whole experience and outcomes better. I found Julia to be a true professional and an empathetic practitioner ”

—  Fern, London

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